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Tenant FAQs
  At American Management, we are selective about the rental properties we offer. Properties are in desirable locations, offer the convenience of downtown living in exciting and established neighborhoods, and are competitively priced.

American Management carefully screens renters, checks references, and manages all of the interactions. American Management renters range from students to professionals to families — all looking for hassle free living in Baltimore's dynamic neighborhoods.

Residents of American Management also have the ability to pay their rent online. This saves a lot of time (and money) in writing and mailing a check.

Are you interested in renting an American Management apartment or house?
To apply online, go to the "Available Properties" page (see tabs above), click the property you wish to rent, then click Apply Now. You may also fill out a paper Rental Application and return the completed application to American Management at 2903 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218.

Are you moving into an American Management rental property?
Please fill out the Move In Report and return the completed report to American Management at 2903 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218.

Are you vacating an American Management rental property?
To ensure the return of your security deposit, please comply in full with the Move out Checklist .

Does your rental property need maintenance or repairs?
Email maintenance@americanmanage.com or call 410.366.9765.

Do you need renters insurance for your apartment or home?
Contact Jeff Beam at State Farm: 410.321.9770.

Q. What is the rental application process and is there a fee?
A. After you submit a completed rental application, whether online (see above for instructions) or in person, American Management verifies your employment and checks rental history and credit score. This process usually takes two (2) to three (3) business days depending on the information provided. There is a $35.00 nonrefundable rental application fee.

Q. How much do I need for a security deposit?
A. Most properties require a security deposit equal to one month’s rent.

Q. When is rent due and is there a late fee?
A. Rent is due on the first of every month. If rent is paid after the fifth (5th) day of the month a late fee of 5% of the monthly rent is assessed. There will be a $55.00 charge for any check returned by the bank for nonpayment. If you have questions about your bill, please call the American Management office at 410.366.2100 or email billing@americanmanage.com.

Q. Do I have the ability to pay my rent online and if so, how do I go about getting this set up?
A. Yes! Setup is simple and can be done in less than five minutes. Residents are able to setup a monthly auto payment or make one-time payments. Feel free to call the office at 410.366.2100 or email officemanager@americanmanage.com to get set up.

Q. Who do I contact for general maintenance issues and repairs?
A. For repairs and or maintenance, please call the American Management office at 410.366.9765 or send an email to maintenance@americanmanage.com. Please be sure to include your name, address, phone number and a detailed description of the problem. Please call or email when you notice something needs to be addressed. Your call serves as notification that someone will be in your residence within 24 - 72 business hours. Only emergency maintenance issues will be addressed after normal business hours and on weekends.

Q. In case of an emergency maintenance issue, who do I contact?
A. For a gas leak or a power outage, please call BG&E at 410.685.0123. If you have a water leak, please shut off the main water valve to the house or the closest valve to the leak and call the maintenance line at 410.366.9765.

Q. How do I obtain information in regards to Baltimore City services?
A. Please check the Local Links on this web site. Alternatively, dial 311 from a phone located within the city and the operator will direct you to the service about which you are inquiring.

Q. How do I obtain a parking pass for my car?
A. Please visit the offices of the Baltimore Parking Authority located at 200 W. Lombard Street, Suite B (very close to the corner of W. Lombard and Howard Street and easily reached by Light Rail). If you have specific questions regarding parking passes, please call the Baltimore Parking Authority at 443.537.2800 or visit the Baltimore Parking Authority's website.

Q. What if I’m locked out of the property or lose my keys?
A. If you call the office because you are locked out of your property or to replace your keys you will be charged at $69.00 per hour ($103.50 per hour after hours) plus the cost of replacement keys. We will only replace keys for people on the lease.

Q. What do I do if I have insects or rodents in my property?
A. If pests appear within the first 30 days after your move-in date, please call the maintenance line at 410.366.9765. If this occurs after 30 days of your move-in date, it is your responsibility to hire an exterminator.

Q. Are pets allowed in any of the American Management properties?
A. Many American Management rental properties are pet friendly. If you have a pet, please indicate that on your application. If you are planning on getting a pet, please let us know before you bring the pet home. There is a $100 nonrefundable deposit per pet and an additional $15 per pet per month. There are also breed restrictions; please reference this list: AM Breed Restriction List to make sure your pet or potential pet doesn't fall into this category.

Q. When do I have to notify the property manager in regards to renewing my lease?
A. Please notify the American Management office in writing at least 30 days prior to your lease ending to let us know whether or not you plan to renew your lease. If you choose not to renew, your security deposit will be returned to you within 45 days of your lease expiration after turnover charges, if necessary, and final utility bills have been removed. If you have questions about your lease, please call the American Management office at 410.366.2100 or email leasing@americanmanage.com.